Avitra LLC

Multi Media Production and Delivery System

Sound and Video Production

Avitra LLC boasts a legacy of over 40 years in producing and directing sound and video content across a wide range of market segments. What sets Avitra apart is its ability to infuse diverse perspectives into every audiovisual or multimedia project. The cornerstone of Avitra’s triumph lies in its dedication to understanding client requirements, unwavering attention to detail, and a profound commitment to follow-up and follow-through. These principles not only ensure client satisfaction but also pave the way for enduring partnerships and recurring business.


Audio and Sound Production We Can Help With:

Theatre Sound Design

Broadcast Radio/Cable/Podcast Commercials

Broadcast Radio/Cable/Podcast Show Production

Sound Effects Design

Exhibit Sound Design

Sound For Video And Film

Message On Hold Systems

Theme Parks And Amusement Sound Design

Location Recording

Music Albums and Demos

Content Remastering/Sweetening

Web Site Content

Field Audio Production

Workstation Editing

Video Production We Can Help With:

Exhibit Content

Corporate Video

Broadcast Television/Cable/Podcast Commercials

Broadcast Television/Cable/Podcast Show Production

Web Site Content


B Roll Unit

Field/Location Production

Promotional Video

Real Estate

Video Upscaling

Theme Parks And Amusement Video Content

Educational Video

Special Event