Avitra LLC

Multi Media Production and Delivery System

Pioneering Edutainment through Innovative Exhibit Technology

At Avitra, we infuse wonder and excitement into educational experiences. As passionate advocates for the edutainment (education and entertainment) community, we specialize in providing world-class exhibit technology services. Our comprehensive offerings span a wide spectrum, ensuring that educational organizations can effectively engage their audiences.


  • Custom Electronics: Avitra crafts tailored electronic solutions to enhance visitor experiences. From interactive displays to immersive audio installations, we blend technology seamlessly with education.
  • Audio/Video Production: Our expertise in audio and video production ensures captivating content delivery. Whether it’s broadcast, educational, theatre, or corporate projects, we create impactful media.
  • Equipment Sales: Avitra provides cutting-edge audio, video, and computer equipment. Our offerings empower educators to deliver their messages with clarity and precision.
  • Lighting Solutions: Illuminating exhibits with precision, Avitra creates immersive environments. Lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the visitor’s experience.
  • Guided and Self-Guided Tour Systems: Avitra’s systems facilitate seamless exploration. Visitors can delve into educational content at their own pace, guided by technology.
  • Consulting Services: Our seasoned consultants offer strategic guidance. We collaborate with educational institutions to optimize impact and align technology with learning objectives.
  • Design and Fabrication: Avitra’s creative designs come to life through meticulous fabrication. From concept to installation, we ensure every detail serves the educational mission.
  • Promoting Edutainment: We believe that education and entertainment need not be separate realms. Avitra champions the fusion of both, creating memorable experiences that resonate.
  • Effective Technology-Based Interactives: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we engage and educate. Our interactive exhibits captivate learners of all ages.

In a world where technology can sometimes overshadow purpose, Avitra remains steadfast in its mission: to empower the educational community through meaningful, purpose-driven technology and does not use technology for the sake of technology alone.