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Elevating Technical Theatre with Expertise

At Avitra, we offer a distinctive approach to every technical theatre endeavor. With extensive experience across hundreds of productions, we bring expertise in various capacities. Our success is rooted in understanding client needs, paying strict attention to detail, and practicing a high degree of follow-up and follow-through. At Avitra, we consistently deliver exceptional results, ensuring happy clients who return to us for many years.


  • Sound Design: Crafting audio experiences that enhance performances and events.
  • Sound System Design: Creating optimal sound setups for venues, auditoriums, and theaters.
  • Special Effects Design: Designing and implementing visual and auditory effects to captivate audiences.
  • Pyrotechnical Consultation: Advising on the safe and impactful use of pyrotechnics in shows.
  • Acoustical Treatment Design: Enhancing sound quality through strategic room design and materials.
  • A/V Production: Managing audio and video production for events, presentations, and performances.
  • Location Sound and Video Production: Capturing high-quality audio and video on location.
  • Technical Direction: Overseeing technical aspects of theater productions, ensuring smooth operations.

We maintain an unbiased opinion associated with equipment manufacturers, distributors, and vendors. As a result, we exclusively represent our client, working diligently on their behalf. Our theater consulting and planning services are available on an hourly basis or as part of a design team contract. Additionally, Avitra assists organizations with strategic planning and the organization of A/V or technical departments. We tailor our approach to what makes sense for your organization.

Industry data reveals that clients often install multiple sound systems before finding the right fit. Let Avitra get it right the first time.

In a typical project example, Avitra provided comprehensive consulting for a semi-in-the-round live musical theater sound system:

  • Needs Assessment: We conducted interviews with the board of directors, creative staff, theater personnel, and performers. Visitor comment cards were also reviewed.
  • Collaboration with Manufacturers: Avitra works closely with leading professional speaker and equipment manufacturers to optimize speaker placement and system designs.
  • System Design: We crafted a complete system, including speakers, mixing boards, amplifiers, microphones, playback equipment, and acoustical treatment.
  • Proposal Evaluation: Avitra facilitated RFP assessment, ensuring the best choice for the theatre

Theatre Sound Design Demo

Theater Sound Demo